Real Estate & Construction

Buying and selling real estate as investment has recently become more complex, especially when cross-border elements are implied. 

Our Real Estate team provides a wide range of real estate legal services starting from investigation and due diligence of  land and property and the rights therein, assistance and representation before the competent institution, in order to obtain ownership documents and any other relevant documents related to the legal title of the land and buildings in issues related to urban and zonal layouts, legaldetermination of boundaries and  economic factors such as land values, preparation of necessary documents and negotiation of contracts, possessory actions, resolution of claims and conflicts with tenants, examination and elaboration of legal solutions for real estate investments, sale-purchase contracts, real estate leasing, mortgages and servitude contracts, examination of title deeds anddealing with findingsolutionsto problems and all issues regarding acquisition, construction, development, financing, leasing and sale of real estate.