Insolvency & debt recovery

Our firm’s expertise in this area is particularly important, as our practical experience in thiscomplex field is extensive, encompassing not only national debt recovery and insolvency procedurebut also cross-border procedures inproviding legal and practical assistance toour foreign clients and partners. Our team also offers consultancy services for the quantification and recovery of assets in pre-court procedures, negotiations between creditors and debtors, mediation, assistance and representation in all type of debt recovery conflicts and disputes where the clients’ objectiveis to reorganize and/or to arrangelegal liquidation as stipulated by the insolvency legislation. 

As one of the recognized specialists in the insolvency and debt recovery field, our team also includes insolvency practitioners, experienced members of the National Union of Insolvency Practitioners.  Our attorneys have the expertise to advise on all types of insolvency proceedings, work-outs and bankruptcy, litigation and dispute resolution including protecting creditor claims, national and cross-border debt recovery, asset freezing, purchase and sale claims, advice on regulatory, financial, commercial  and management issues.