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Mihai Nicolescu

Chief Financial Officer

A graduate of the Academy of Economic Studies – Faculty of Finance, Accountancy and Banking, class of 1987;

Chartered accountant and C.E.C.C.A.R. member – holder of Expert License no. 5766/1996, since 1996;

Participant to the conferences organized by C.E.C.C.A.R.;

Experience in accounting control.


He joined the ROVIGO SPRL team in 2004, having as main tasks the preparation of the reports concerning the reasons and circumstances leading to insolvency of debtors, the analysis of the transfers made by the debtor that might be subject to court proceedings in annulment of the fraudulent transfers. He also verifies and approves the payment rolls, follow up on the timely collection of the debts belonging to the debtors in insolvency and to calculate delay interest, draft the balance sheet for opening and closing the insolvency procedure, prepare the appendix to the restructuring plans of the debtor companies and financial repairs, project the income and expenses during the reorganization plan.