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Grigorescu Victor Constantin

Senior Associate

Considering his family background, with both parents as magistrates, he received an education based on observance of the laws as well as the law order. He graduated from the Faculty of Law within Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University, class 2005.

“Afterwards, when it was the time to consider my professional options, I headed towards law, these beeing the profession that allowed me to value the principles in which I was formed”, declared for us lawyer Victor Grigorescu. He entered the Bucharest Bar beginning February 15th 2007.

He confessed that, since the period of university studies, he understood the importance of the right to defense guaranteed to each person and therefore he directed his entire time towards the necessary trainings in order to practice this profession.

“During the internship I had the pleasure to work under the coordonation of some very prestigious and appreciated lawyers, with a high professional rename from different legal fields, offering me the posibility to work both in civil law and in the criminal law, afterwards taking as final decision to focus my specialization and improvement to criminal law.

In my opinion, as a lawyer, my priority is to defend the rights and liberties of persons in the current normative context, as well to insure the loyalty and honesty regarding my clients interests. In other words, the criminal causes entrusted to my Law Firm shall be managed entirely with maximum attention and professionalism “ ,mentioned Mr. Lawyer.


To date, his professional area of expertise is focused to criminal law and criminal procedure law. In this respect, his legal services are referring to:

  1. Litigation in criminal law and criminal procedure law, assuring legal assistance and representation during the criminal investigations in front of the police and prosecutor’s office, as well as legal assistance and representation in front of the Courts regarding crimes regulated by the Penal Code and special laws.

  2. Consultancy and criminal prevention.