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SCA „DELEANU VASILE – AVOCATI” in parteneriat cu ROVIGO S.P.R.L. si ROMANIA DURABILA organizeaza in data de 17.05.2016 conferinta  





Evenimentul isi propune să găsească soluții concrete la problemele identificate și să promoveze spiritul antreprenorial. Sectoare economice relevante sunt analizate atât prin prisma potențialului de dezvoltare, cât și a capacității de atragere a investițiilor, fiind scoase în evidentă sursele dezvoltării economice, prioritățile de dezvoltare, dar și problemele economice cu care se confruntă comunitatea de afaceri care activează în domeniile respective.

We are a Law Firm based in Bucharest and member of Warwick Legal Network, an international association of independent law firms. 

Our practice encompasses all aspects of corporate and business law, transactions and litigations. Our specialized lawyers work hard in order to meet the needs of our domestic and international clients. When their cases turn into interdisciplinary, the appropriate team of lawyers is set to serve their interests.

Our reputation is based on proven professional skills, strong character, a thorough understanding of client requirements and needs, sound judgment and a practical approach to resolving commercial and business problems. Due to the highly professional approach, our firm is privileged to defend the Romanian state in certain foreign-investment-related international litigations. 

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